Our Mission

We help businesses enhance team members leadership and soft skills so that they shine with confidence and stand out from the competition. We do so by developing and implementing a comprehensive people strategy aligned with client’s vision, and design and deliver training, coaching and consulting to meet their needs.
Our approach is based on the premise that organizations that educate and engage their team members are better prepared for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Driven by the conviction that a positive image and a compelling personal brand are the most critical skills needed for success, Pamela Toussaint founded Ultimate Image Coach to train and coach individuals on these skills. Studies show that companies whose employees embody these skills enjoy a critical competitive advantage. They are more profitable and experience high rates of employee retention. Our firm offers training and development programs to meet our clients most pressing needs. 

At Ultimate Image Coach, we understand the unique challenges businesses face. We provide leadership development strategic plans and guide clients in implementing those plans.  In collaboration with our clients, we ensure that employees are empowered to lead, innovate, and grow profits.

Applying our extensive corporate expertise in building teams and developing employees in corporate America, our consultants help business owners and corporations develop employee development strategies and operational improvement strategies and lead the implementation across the enterprise. 

We help individuals and companies gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging business climate. We do so by coaching clients on career and image skills to ensure they are prepared to exude confidence, make a lasting impression and excel in their professions.

Pamela Y. Toussaint, MBA

Founder and President, Ultimate Image Coach
Business Trainer, Consultant and Professor
Keynote Speaker & Author of “The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path to
Prosperity”Our approach is based on the premise that organizations that educate and engage their team members are better prepared for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Pamela Toussaint, MBA, trainer, professor, author, and consultant is the founder and CEO of Ultimate
Image Coach (UIC), a Certified Small/Minority/Women’s Business Enterprise, specializing in personal
branding, executive presence, leadership and soft skills training and consulting.
Toussaint believes that passion, a compelling personal brand, self-confidence, empathy, and impeccable
communication skills are the keys to a successful career and prosperity. She has dedicated her practice to
empowering teams and individuals to ignite their personal brand, exude professional presence and achieve
success in their business and personal lives.
She is a Fellow with Florida State University’s Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship where she
educates business owners and non-profit executives on Executive Presence and Customer Loyalty strategies
and skills. Her team serves public and private sector clients in the USA and overseas. In collaboration with
government entities, banks, and community partners, she provides training to underserved entrepreneurs.
These initiatives have resulted in the start-up and growth of over 1000 businesses since 2017, contributing
to the vibrancy of South Florida’s economy.
Her Human Resource, Client and Operations executive leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies
spanned three decades. She served in executive leadership roles with AT&T companies, Philips North
America, and as a Principal with Mercer HR Consulting. She understands the challenges businesses face and
shares proven and practical strategies in helping her clients to successfully deliver business results.
In her widely acclaimed book The Audacious Woman: Blaze Your Own Path to Prosperity, Toussaint
empowers women to re-brand, re-invent, exude confidence, seize opportunities, and prosper. Her newly
released 2nd Edition is an impassioned call to action for men and women to co-create a future of prosperity,
mutual respect, and empathy.
She is a board member of Unity of The Palm Beaches and serves on Quantum House Advisory Council.
Toussaint and her family enjoy spending quality time together and are avid travelers. Their favorite
destination is her island home, beautiful Jamaica.
Pamela Toussaint, MBA

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